Thursday, 17 September 2015

It's a mystery!

Last month I signed up for my first ever knit along, and not only that but it was a mystery knit along. And it's great fun! I signed up for the #childforallseasons autumn knit along and am now part way through making the boys pattern. This mystery knit had two pre-pattern clues that were released, and then all three patterns (boys, girls, accessory) were released in their entirety.

The sleeves were my first ever two at a time magic loop project!

I actually did a swatch!
Its an interesting experience as the construction of the garment is completely different from anything else I have done before, and it also contains the most complex cables I have ever attempted. So a pattern of firsts!

I am enjoying the process of a knit along so much that this month I signed up for another one. This time to make something for myself. I chose to join the #summertideMKAL mystery knit along. This has a different format whereby the pattern is released in 4 clues over the month. So far I have completed clue 1, and clue 2 gets released today - can't wait!

For this knit along I treated myself by buying some gorgeous hand dyed yarn from Wrap & Turn on Etsy. It is the most I have ever spent on yarn for a project, and I regret nothing!

Beautiful 'Rust' colourway of greens, subtle blues, yellows, and oranges.

Gorgeous 'Glow' with shades of yellow, orange, and some light browns.
One of the things I love about knitting is that with each pattern I learn something new. Both of these patterns contain firsts for me, and I'm loving every moment.

Mrs B x x

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