Sunday, 6 August 2017

A blog post rather than a podcast

I went to record a podcast this morning, but found myself dragging my heels. I'm tired, so very tired and so instead, armed with a lovely cuppa, I decided to revisit my blog and show it some long overdue love!

Bertie Tea from All About Tea, and a mug from a dear friend = bliss!
Life has changed a lot since I last posted here. We have bought a house and are now in the process of giving it the TLC that it is most definitely in need of. Luckily it's all cosmetic, but we're trying hard to get this lovely, old house back to feeling elegant and beautiful, not just functional. I now have a craft room (yay!!!) that I'm in the process of decorating and kitting out. I have painted 3/4 of it, and the last wall will get done by the end of the year. I need to move my piano in order to finish things, hence the hold up as my piano is heavy! I don't want to be moving it more than I have to. There are some tiles to come off the wall too, and the process on the other wall showed that they will take dents out of the plaster when they come off. However, once the final wall is done, my husband is very kindly going to build me some custom shelves so that I can store all my happy things away nicely! I'm also planning on getting a small comfy chair so that my crafty corner can also double as a cosy reading nook.

The hobby wall! The one wall left to do!
Today I have been trying my best to clear ivy from the old brick wall that runs along one side of our garden. The ivy can have a negative impact on the mortar so getting it off will help preserve the wall. All the old brick is just gorgeous! One of the perks of living in a house that is 117 years old! We are trying to be sensitive to the age of the house.

It may look untidy, but this is an improvement!
The interior aesthetic will be up to date but reflective of of the era when the house was built. We don't want uber-modernist, nor do we want Victorian, but we're aiming for a happy middle ground. Keeping the original features, and updating the areas that are feeling tired and unloved. It's so nice to finally live in a house that is all ours, and that we can truly settle into.

Moving house isn't the only change around here though...I have recently changed jobs too! I am a registered veterinary nurse, and I have moved from 1st opinion veterinary practice to a specialist referral practice. So far I am loving it! But this is also why I am extremely tired. Learning so much, so quickly is melting my brain, and the anxiety of being in an unfamiliar environment/situation has had an impact on my sleep. However, I wouldn't change it for anything. After just 2 weeks I have learned so much, and I am enjoying my new role. As time goes on there is a lot of scope for progression, and I'm looking forward to the future.

In between changing jobs I had some time off and managed to get my knitting mojo well and truly back. I finished a pair of socks in 6 days!! Whew!!

The 6 day Hogwarts socks!
(Yarn: Norah George Yarns and Felt Fusion, Pattern: my own plain sock recipe)
I've also got a jump start on Christmas knitting, finishing a pair of socks for my mother-in-law. And both of these projects qualify for the year-long knit-along I'm hosting in the Ravelry group: Stashfest 2017! Come and join in the fun!

Mother-in-law socks
(Yarn: Bergere de France Goomy 50, Pattern: my own plain sock recipe)
It's nice to have my knitting mojo back, and with it came my designing mojo too. So keep your eyes peeled. 2017 may be the year where you see some Mrs B patterns floating around...

Happy knitting!
Mrs B x x

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